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Health Care Reform Watch

Jan 18, 2019


Study: High prices still the cause of ridiculous health care spending

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert

Researchers revisiting their 2003 work on health care costs came to the following conclusion: "It's the prices, stupid." Read More


Dems launch new drug-pricing probe

By Jack Craver

The House Oversight Committee has sent letters to the biggest names in pharma seeking details about the pricing of some... Read More

Market Insights

Drugmakers vs. Trump: What's next for the showdown?

By Kristen V Brown, Cynthia Koons, Anna Edney, and Riley Griffin

The Trump administration and Congress are gearing up for a renewed campaign to bring the companies to heel. Read More

Market Insights

Employer health coalitions chipping away at plan costs

By Dan Cook

More employers are banding together to combine buying power and clout to break through the could of health care transparency. Read More


New lawsuit unveils scope of Purdue's 'extraordinary efforts' to push opioids

By Marlene Satter

According to new details, the company allegedly envisioned a "blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition." Read More


California's AG: The face of the fight against the Trump administration

By Samantha Young, Kaiser Health News

Attorney General Xavier Becerra has sued the Trump administration 45 times in the past two years, often with much fanfare. Read More

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