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Aug 21, 2018

The pitfalls of benchmarking

By Rachel Miner

As humans, we feel a strong desire to be part of the pack. We compare ourselves to others in order to determine our... Read More


Single-payer, other leftist ideas, swing mainstream

By Noah Smith

A leading critic of Obamacare and an advocate of a laissez-faire approach to health care is one of the latest to soften... Read More

My wife's story: Anatomy of an insane health care billing system

By Carl C. Schuessler

The purchase of medical goods and services by employer health plans resembles no other business transaction in American... Read More

Market Insights

Medical tourism: A long trip continues

By Scott Wooldridge

With the shift in demand from U.S. patients after the passage of the ACA, some medical tourism companies closed up shop—but... Read More

Market Insights

Hospital closings average 30 yer year

By Cristin Flanagan

Patients living far from major cities may be left with even fewer choices as insurers push them toward online providers... Read More

Expert Opinion

Unique benefits to recruit and retain female employees

By Matthew A. Michela

The unemployment rate for women is lower than men, making the competition for top-level female candidates even more... Read More

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Conversation-starters to Help Introduce Voluntary Benefits to Employers

Sponsored by: Assurity Life Insurance Company

Learning how to bring up voluntary benefits with clients the right way can open the door for many new opportunities. Learn More

HSAs: 10 Facts Everyone Should Know (But Probably Don't)

Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Time: On Demand Cost: Complimentary Produced and Sponsored by:  HSA Learn More

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